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Turbans Turbans Turbans Everywhere-Brooks Ann Camper

A couture wedding dress maker and an online sewing instructor, you would never know the badass journey Brooks Ann took to get where she is now.

My guest today is my high school friend Brooks Ann Camper

From Sesame Street to Broadway to the WWE, Brooks Ann followed a very serendipitous path to get to where she now. She never knew that not knowing how to iron would lead to a Yale costuming internship that would lead her to making veils for Mama Mia and hats for John Lithgow, Bernadette Peters, and the Undertaker. She followed unexpected paths and met amazing people who were the top of their field, every step of the way. Now she uses the knowledge she gained along the way to teach other.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brooksanncouture Website:BrooksAnn.com
eCourse: https://learnwithbrooksann.com
Blog: https://www.BrooksAnn.com/blog
Newsletter: https://eepurl.com/R8Uhr

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